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Oct. 13, 2023

Meet Neticia Blunt-Waldron, Owner of Whole Woman Fitness in Evanston

Discover the inspiring journey of Neticia Blunt Waldron, the visionary behind Whole Woman Fitness.

In this interview, she shares her path from challenging beginnings in Chicago to becoming a community leader in Evanston. Whole Woman Fitness, founded during the pandemic, focuses on holistic wellness—mind, body, and soul. Learn how this program is changing lives through re-education, dietary analysis, affirmations, and emotional support. Neticia also unveils "Pathways to Wellness," a groundbreaking initiative that bridges healthcare disparities. Join the movement of empowerment, education, and community building with Whole Woman Fitness. Don't miss this powerful conversation about making a difference—one person and one community at a time.



Who Is Scott Talking To Today? A Spotlight on Netecia Blunt-Waldron

Welcome to another special segment where we dive deep into the lives of fascinating individuals. Today, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Netecia Blunt-Waldron, the dynamic owner of Whole Woman Fitness.

Netecia wears many hats in her life – from being a wife and mother to being a published author, full-time employee, and an entrepreneur. Originally from some of Chicago’s more challenging neighborhoods, she moved to Evanston about 15 years ago, where she serves as the Outreach and Evangelist Director for the First Church of God Christian Life Center. With a history of 113 years in Evanston, the church has played a pivotal role in the community.

Her passion for service, especially for underserved communities, was nurtured by the outreach programs she participated in as a child. These programs, she believes, guided her in the right direction during a time when the community lacked safety.

Having spent close to 16 years in healthcare, Netecia has always been drawn towards serving society's most vulnerable. Whether it's about imparting hope, addressing vitamin deficiency, or discussing financial literacy, Netecia believes in enriching the lives of those around her.

One of her proudest achievements is her book, "Worship and Warfare". A blend of prayers and personal experiences, it's a testament to her journey through challenging times. Written over four years, the book seeks to provide spiritual guidance and insights to its readers.

But what about Whole Woman Fitness? This initiative emerged from Netecia’s realization of a gap in the community. Designed as a comprehensive fitness program, it focuses on mental, spiritual, physical, and emotional wellness. Held at Fleetwood Jordane, these classes are not just about fitness. They're about re-education, affirmations, financial literacy, and much more.

Diving into the issues that plague society, such as the impacts of redlining, Netecia and I discussed how such programs offer solutions. The objective? To bridge gaps, nourish communities, and facilitate healing. Netecia emphasized the importance of nourishing women, as they play a crucial role in any culture.

Moreover, to support Whole Woman Fitness, Netecia introduced a line of high-quality fitness attire called "Waste No More", which also acts as a source of funding for the program, ensuring it remains accessible to all.

For those interested in joining or learning more, Whole Woman Fitness offers both virtual and physical classes, with a hybrid model available. Additionally, Netecia's inspiring book, "Worship and Warfare", can be found on Amazon.

I extend my heartfelt thanks to Netecia for sharing her story and enlightening us with her vision. Until next time, stay curious and keep exploring!

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Sept. 9, 2023

Unveiling the Magnificent Architecture of Chicago Churches

Welcome to the Windy City, where the urban landscape is adorned with a rich tapestry of architectural wonders.

Today, we invite you to embark on a journey through the awe-inspiring beauty of Chicago's churches.

From historic landmarks to modern masterpieces, these places of worship stand as a testament to the city's vibrant past and dynamic present. As your trusted guide, Fishman Group Properties is excited to share our expertise on the architecture that makes each of these churches truly unique.

A Tale of Tradition and Reinvention

Chicago's architectural history is as diverse as its population, and its churches reflect this intriguing blend of styles. The city's early churches were heavily influenced by European traditions, such as Gothic Revival, Romanesque, and Byzantine. These structures were conceived to evoke a sense of grandeur, with their intricate stonework, soaring spires, and luminous stained glass windows.

However, as the city evolved, so did its architectural language. The birth of the skyscraper in the late 19th century propelled Chicago into a new era of innovation, impacting the design of its churches as well. Architects like Louis Sullivan and Frank Lloyd Wright revolutionized the field, blending elements of modernism into their creations. The result is a fascinating juxtaposition of classic and contemporary, where tradition and reinvention beautifully coexist.

Historic Gems

Among Chicago's most revered churches is the iconic Holy Name Cathedral. Its stunning Gothic Revival architecture, complete with pointed arches, ribbed vaults, and an imposing façade, transports visitors to another time. Step inside, and you'll be greeted by a breathtaking altar, intricate woodwork, and mesmerizing stained glass windows. This spiritual gem is a testament to the city's Catholic heritage and has been a pillar of the community since its construction in the late 1800s.

Venturing further, you'll encounter the Old St. Patrick's Church, a magnificent example of Romanesque Revival architecture. Completed in 1856, this historic church showcases a robust stone exterior, adorned with arched windows and ornate carvings. Its interior boasts a lofty nave, adorned with intricate murals and a majestic organ. As you explore these hallowed halls, you'll feel a sense of reverence and tranquility that transcends time itself.

Modern Marvels

In a city known for its innovation and modernity, it should come as no surprise that Chicago is also home to churches that exemplify contemporary architectural excellence. One such gem is the United Methodist Church at Chicago Temple. Rising to a height of 568 feet, this skyscraper church holds the distinction of being the tallest church building in the world. Its sleek, glass-clad exterior draws inspiration from the International Style, showcasing the city's bold and progressive spirit.

For those seeking a truly unique worship experience, the Pritzker Pavilion in Millennium Park offers an unconventional yet awe-inspiring setting. Designed by Frank Gehry, this open-air venue is renowned for its undulating stainless steel ribbons and avant-garde aesthetic. It plays host to various musical performances, including spiritual concerts, providing an innovative fusion of art and spirituality.

Expertise You Can Trust

At Fishman Group Properties, we understand the importance of finding not just a house, but a home that resonates with your spirit. When it comes to understanding Chicago's real estate landscape, we pride ourselves on our local knowledge and strong network of industry professionals. This means we can help you find a property nestled near the magnificent churches that capture your heart.

Whether you're drawn to the timeless allure of Holy Name Cathedral, the historical charm of Old St. Patrick's Church, or the modern marvel of Chicago Temple, our team is committed to providing personalized attention and expert guidance throughout your real estate journey. We have the expertise and resources to help you navigate the dynamic Chicago market, ensuring that you find a home that reflects your unique tastes and needs.

The City of Spiritual Splendor

Chicago's churches are not just architectural marvels; they are vibrant spiritual centers that cultivate a sense of community. Their beauty and significance extend far beyond their physical structures, transcending into the very fabric of the city's cultural tapestry. Each church tells a story, steeped in history, tradition, and faith.

As you explore the Chicago church architecture, let Fishman Group Properties be your compass. We are here to help you uncover the hidden treasures of this incredible city and assist you in finding a home that enriches your life. With our local knowledge and commitment to excellence, we stand ready to guide you on your real estate journey, ensuring that your dream home is waiting just around the corner.


Contact Fishman Group Properties today and let us be your partner in discovering the Chicago real estate market. Together, we'll find the perfect place to call home amidst the spiritual splendor of the city's magnificent churches.

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July 31, 2017

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